Valuations for Tax Purposes

Business, companies, and shareholdings often need to be valued pursuant to requirements of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO)Business, companies, and shareholdings may need to be valued for a range of tax matters such as: 

  • Corporate restructures; 
  • Thin capitalisation, and; 
  • Employee share scheme matters. 

The ATO has criteria and guidelines for what skills, experience and processes, and valuer should have and follow when valuing a business, company or shareholding for taxation purposes, including: 

  • That the valuer should be independent; 
  • That the valuer should explain what valuation methods they are using and why they are appropriate; 
  • That the valuer should consider non-financial characteristics (such as employee matters, customer relationships, and intellectual property) when forming their opinion of value, and; 
  • That the valuer should consider the purpose of the valuation and state if and how the purpose of the valuation has impacted on their conclusion of value. 

Quick Reference Guide: Business, Company and Share Valuations for Tax Purposes 

To assist our clients and referrers we have prepared a Quick Reference Guide to Business, Company and Share Valuations for Tax Purposes, which explains in greater detail some of the circumstances when a valuation is required to meet ATO requirements and the ATO’s expectations for valuations completed for tax purposes. 

Instantly Download Your FREE Copy of Our Quick Reference Guide on Business, Company and Share Valuations for Tax Purposes 

Our Experience and Expertise 

At Quinn M&A we are very experienced in completing business, company and share valuations for tax purposes. As Chartered Accountants and a Registered Business Valuer we have the credentials to ensure all valuation reports produced by us are watertight. Further, our experience and knowledge as business and company transaction advisors means our valuations are supported by our real-world expertise and market evidence. 

How We Charge 

Pending the nature of valuation services required, we will either charge clients on a time taken basis (with an estimate of fees provided prior to commencement) or agree on a fixed fee prior to commencement. 

Free Consultation 

Clients and advisors who require our business, company or shareholding valuation services are encouraged to call us on 1300 784 667 to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our Directors.