Business Valuations

Quinn M&A are qualified and experienced business, company and share valuers, with the expertise to complete valuations for a range of different industries and business types.

We frequently act as expert witnesses for valuation matters, often appearing in court for cross-examination.

All business and company valuations produced by Quinn M&A are done so independently and at arm’s length, meaning they are trusted by third parties including the courts and financial institutions.

Our valuations go beyond financial data, taking into consideration non-financial considerations including a business’ customer characteristics, geographical spread, competitors and owner involvement amongst others. Further, Quinn M&A’s valuations are supported by our real market business sales knowledge and experience. We also have access to a range of different industry databases and information resources to back up our valuations with solid evidence.

Quinn M&A completes all business, company and share valuations in line with the relevant international accounting standards, meaning our business valuations are logical, sequential and defendable.

Valuations to Suit Your Unique Needs

Our expert business, company and share valuers understand that each valuation is different, and tailor their approach to suit the uniqueness of each business, company or share and the specific requirements of each client.

Quinn M&A’s business, company and share valuations may be required for a range of different needs, including:

  • Business sales
  • Share transfers
  • Planning for the future
  • Partnership disputes
  • Family law matters
  • Estate planning
  • Evaluating merger synergies
  • Insurance claims
  • Business loans
  • Company restructures
  • Taxation purposes

Our Process

1. Understand Your Needs

This generally involves an initial consultation with you to determine your specific requirements, including details such as:

  • The purpose of the valuation (E.g. family law litigation)
  • What information we can access
  • Special circumstances, challenges and restrictions
  • Deadlines and desired timeframes

2. Engagement

Following our initial consultation, we will issue a cost estimate for our services, in line with our estimate of the likely time to complete the engagement. As part of this, clients are issued with a Letter of Engagement, outlining the purpose and scope of the valuation, as well as all fees and our general terms of business.

3. Discovery

As part of this process, we require clients to provide us with a comprehensive set of documents and records and make detailed disclosures relevant to the business, company or shareholding that is to be valued. We may also conduct interviews with key personnel including Shareholders, Directors and management.

4. Comprehensive Research and Analysis

We scrutinise and review all information supplied to us by our clients, and source third party data to assist us in our analysis. This process includes:

  • Reviewing market business sales data unique to your industry
  • Analysing and adjusting business and company financial statements
  • Reviewing and assessing non-financial items, including leases, customer profiles and other risk factors
  • Researching and analysing external market factors

5. Applying Appropriate Valuation Methods

Based on your needs and circumstances, we will select the most appropriate valuation method. Some of the valuation methods we use include:

  • Market-based approach
  • Capitalisation of earnings
  • Discounted cash flow methods
  • Rules of thumb

6. Producing a Comprehensive, Logical and Defendable Valuation Report

Our comprehensive valuation reports are designed to be user-friendly and easily understood. Our reports clearly explain the basis for our valuation, and the methods applied, inclusive or any assumptions made.

Let Us Help You

If you require a business, company or share valuation, contact Quinn M&A on +612 9223 9166 or submit an Express Enquiry form to arrange a confidential, no cost consultation with one of our Directors.