Specialist Taxation Advice

You’ll be able to take advantage of the skills and knowledge of our Tax Lawyers, all of whom are experts in their respective fields.

At Quinn M&A, our tax lawyers possess extensive experience in taxation laws for both individuals and businesses. Our specialist taxation services include the following:

Tax Restructuring
Our tax lawyers have extensive experience in advising clients on how to effectively restructure their affairs tax-efficiently in commercial and investment transactions, without triggering anti-avoidance provisions.  We can assist you before, during and after you have embarked on your business venture.

Our tax lawyers can provide comprehensive advice for restructuring within Australia, overseas, or even a combination. Our advice is tailored to satisfy the needs of both the company and its directors.

State and Federal Taxes
Our tax lawyers can provide taxation advice on a whole range of federal and state taxes regardless of where you reside in Australia. These include Capital Gains Tax, Land Tax, Payroll Tax, Fringe Benefit Tax, Stamp Duty, Income Tax and GST. We can assess your liability as well as assist with reducing your exposure.

Our tax lawyers also have years of experience in dealing with the ATO and various State Revenue Offices in controversial and complex tax matters which require detailed submissions, objections and negotiations. We have successfully settled many matters with the ATO and State Revenue Offices through strategic negotiation.

Tax Debt

Our tax lawyers have a record of achieving extraordinary results in all tax debt matters, regardless of the amount involved and the source of the debt. We have experience and expertise in arranging realistic payment arrangements with the ATO as well as compromising and negotiating tax debts.

ATO Prosecution

Our tax lawyers regularly assist clients with prosecution by the ATO at various levels, from the Administrative Appeals Tribunal to District, Supreme and Federal Courts. This includes prosecution for failure to lodge tax returns and outstanding tax.

Despite the large penalties involved, our tax lawyers have consistently achieved highly favourable outcomes for clients through significantly reduced fines.

Tax audits

Our tax lawyers work in conjunction with our tax Chartered Accountants to provide comprehensive representation to clients who have been approached for an audit by the ATO or Revenue NSW or seek to minimise their exposure to being selected for an audit.

Under the principle of legal professional privilege our tax lawyers are under no obligation to disclose any information to the ATO or Revenue NSW. This allows clients the opportunity to be open and honest about their circumstances and receive accurate and tailored advice from our tax lawyers.

International Tax

Our tax lawyers have years of experience in advising clients on all aspects of international law for both Australian tax residents and non-residents. We can help assess your residency status as well as advise you on measures for changing your status.

Our tax lawyers also have extensive experience in drafting and negotiating voluntary disclosures with the ATO where clients have undeclared assets or income overseas. We can assist with both domestic and international tax compliance.

Let Us Help You

If you or your company are seeking taxation advice relating to an acquisition or the sale of your business, call Quinn M&A on +612 9223 9166 or submit an Express Enquiry form to arrange a confidential consultation with our Director, Michael Quinn.