About Quinn M&A

Quinn M&A are a highly regarded M&A firm, with significant experience in advising clients on the sale, acquisition, merger and valuation of medium-sized, private companies.

Quinn M&A is led by its driven Director, Michael Quinn, who leads an expert team of transactional advisors and business and company valuation specialists.

Providing the Total Solution

With four convenient office locations in Sydney, Quinn M&A focus on delivering comprehensive, market leading advisory and deal execution services for businesses and companies with an enterprise value of between $1 million and $50 million.

Our expert advisors, understand that the needs of every client will differ. Accordingly we always ensure that our advice is moulded to suit your unique needs.

At Quinn M&A our dedicated team can provide you with advice in the following areas:

• Business sales, acquisitions and mergers (advice and execution)
• Business and company valuations
• Exit planning advice and strategies
• Due diligence advice
• Specialist taxation advice
• All legal requirements

Market Leading Deal Execution Services

As market leaders in the provision of deal execution services for businesses with an enterprise value of between $1 million and $50 million, we’re confident that we can secure great results for you regardless of the type or complexity of your proposed transaction.

Our specialisation in the mid-market, means we hold unique knowledge and valuable intel on this segment of the marketplace. This provides our clients with a distinct advantage, often meaning we can connect them with sellers and acquirers they would otherwise have difficulty contacting. The end result is better deals for our clients, and smoother transaction processes.

Expert Business and Company Valuations

Our expert business and company valuation team are trusted to provide independent, arms length valuation advice and reports for a range of matters.
When valuing your business or company, an understanding of financial elements is not enough. Our advisors understand that each business and company is unique, and our valuation reports take this into account.

Further, Quinn M&A’s significant transactional advisory experience, means we truly understand how the market will value different businesses and companies based on their unique risk profile.

Our valuation services may be required to assist with family law matters, litigation, and transactional needs.

Let Us Help You

To learn more about us and the services we provide, Call Quinn M&A today on 1300 784 667 (1300 QUINNS) or submit an Express Enquiry to arrange a confidential consultation with our Director, Michael Quinn.