Business Acquisitions

Business acquisitions are often considered by investors and established businesses alike. For investors, business acquisitions offer an alternate investment proposition to traditional investment options like property or listed shares. Investors may also consider business acquisitions for the purpose of providing an alternate to traditional employment. For established businesses, acquisitions may be considered due to their ability to provide strategic benefits and economies of scale to their established businesses. Often, the benefits sought by established companies in the completion of an acquisition mandate include:

  • Expansion into new geographical markets
  • Lowering labour and supplier costs
  • Accessing new technology and ideas
  • Increasing market power

For both investors and established businesses, the business acquisition process can present a range of challenges. For established businesses, it is vital that confidentiality is strictly managed. Further, it is important to ensure acquisitions are carefully structured to guarantee long term benefit for your business. For investors, it is important that acquisitions made are consistent with your circumstances and investment profile, including:

  • Your propensity for risk
  • Your requirements with relation to capital growth and income streams
  • Your preferred investment holding period, and desired exit strategies
  • Your desired level of day-to-day involvement in any acquired business

Our Approach

At Quinn M&A we approach business acquisition mandates in a comprehensive and systematic manner. We are acutely conscious of our client’s circumstances and desires, and tailor our approach to each acquisition mandate in line with our client’s unique position. Our experienced advisors can provide comprehensive business acquisition advice, including:

  • Understanding our client’s strategic objectives and ambitions
  • Measuring and assessing our client’s propensity for risk, and tailoring our acquisition mandate accordingly
  • Completion of confidential and discreet valuations of acquisition targets
  • Assisting with business acquisitions for the purpose of migration requirements
  • Evaluating synergies and economies of scale for strategic acquisitions
  • Confidentially sourcing a portfolio of on-market and off-market acquisition opportunities
  • Creating and maintaining competitive tension to ensure optimal transactional terms are achieved
  • Negotiation of all transactional terms for the acquisition, including price, transitional arrangements and non-competition
  • Full completion of all due diligence requirements
  • All tax, structuring and legal requirements

We have access to a range of international deal sourcing tools that enable us to find both domestic and international acquisition opportunities for our clients that are often not on the radar of other advisors. Quinn M&A’s specialisation in the mid-market provides us with unique and valuable knowledge of the business sale marketplace for transactions with an enterprise value (sale value) of between $1 million and $50 million. Our market insights and intel are key to negotiating smart acquisitions on competitive terms for our clients.

Expert Guide: 5 Steps To Making Smart Strategic Acquisitions

At Quinn M&A, we have helped many clients expand their personal and commercial interests by successfully acquiring businesses. Based on this experience, we have developed an easy to follow 5 Step Guide To Making Smart Strategic Acquisitions. This Expert Guide breaks down the process of acquiring a business into 5 easy to follow steps.

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Let Us Help You

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