Security Services

Few industries in Australia have seen as much merger and acquisition activity in recent years as the security services industry. Security services businesses have been acquired by both domestic acquirers and international buyers, with many transactions having strong valuation premiums. 

The security services industry is quite unique. Successful security services businesses need to combine strong management with a good labour force and quality customer relationships for success. It is these factors which also have the greatest impact on the success of security service business sales and acquisitions. 

When completing the acquisition of a security services company it is vital that thorough due diligence is undertaken. The nature of the cost and revenue structure inherent in most security businesses is such that it is vital for a prospective buyer of a security service business to thoroughly understand what risks exist in areas such as human resources, customer contracts, insurance, and taxation. 

For sellers of security service businesses, it is vital that an advisor can properly represent the value of key customer contracts and/or relationships to prospective buyers. It is equally important that your sales advisor is well connected within the security services industry, enabling them to confidentially approach and negotiate with quality strategic buyers who are more likely to pay a premium for your security services business. 

Expert Guide: Sale and Valuation of Security Service Businesses 

Based on our significant experience in working with the security service industry, Quinn M&A has developed an Expert Guide on the Sale, Merger and Valuation of Security Businesses. This guide is an invaluable resource, allowing owners and shareholders of security businesses to understand the current state of the security industry, how security businesses are valued and what factors need to be considered when selling, merging or acquiring a security business. 

Instantly Download Your FREE Copy of Our Expert Guide on the Sale and Valuation of Security Businesses. 

Our Experience and Expertise 

At Quinn M&A, we have significant experience in advising on the sale, merger, acquisition, and valuation of security businessesWe have been involved in negotiating the sale and acquisition of many security businesses over time with both domestic and international parties. At Quinn M&A, we pride ourselves on Providing the Total Solution to our clients through our unique model of offering accounting, legal, transaction advisory, and valuation services all under one roof. Owners of security services businesses can trust us to provide them with assistance and advice in the following areas: 

  • Valuing security service businesses; 
  • Advice to assist with the merger or acquisition of security service businesses; 
  • Due diligence advice for security service business mergers, acquisitions or sales; 
  • Full brokerage service for the sale of security businesses; 
  • Specialist taxation advice, and; 
  • Legal advice. 

Free Consultation 

Clients and advisors who require assistance with undertaking the sale, merger, acquisition or valuation of a security service business are encouraged to call us on 1300 784 667 to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our Directors.