I was recommended the services of Quinn M&A to undertake a recent business purchase and found their professionalism, knowledge and manner exceptional. Their strategic and yet personable approach placed me at ease during the process. The team members that I dealt with would answer any questions I posed and conducted the affairs in the most professional manner. I would recommend Quinn M&A’s services to any person who may be buying or selling a business as their advice is very valuable, with great knowledge in their profession.

Aaron Langley – Managing Director – Explosion Technologies


Quinn M&A managed the sale of our business in the most professional manner. Throughout the entire process, they constantly updated us with any progress made, and provided expert guidance when decisions were required. Quinn M&A was imperative in ensuring the acquirers finance was approved in order to complete the transaction, and they worked hard to ensure that each transactional term was negotiated in a calm and considered way. Thanks again for all of your hard work.

Peter and Sandra Hanson


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the team at Quinn M&A and Quinn Lawyers for their assistance in advising us on our recent company sale. Michael Quinn and Andrew Goddard worked closely with me and my fellow shareholders throughout our transaction providing due diligence advice, legal advice, tax advice and general sale advice. This advice was critical to us generating a premium sale result on what was a tricky cross-border deal. Both Michael Quinn and Andrew Goddard made themselves available to me and my fellow shareholders at all hours to ensure the best possible outcome could be attained from our transaction. Although the process of selling a company can be time consuming and stressful, Quinn Lawyers and Quinn M&A ensured we could make well informed decisions about important matters in a timely and prudent manner. If you require assistance selling your company, I would strongly recommend the team at Quinn Lawyers and Quinn M&A

Robert – Director – Security Services Company


I’m very happy to thank the team at Quinn M&A for their professionalism and success in the sale of our business. Going into the transaction we were worried about the complexity of our business and our ability to navigate the difficulties in attempting a cross-border transaction. Michael Quinn’s experience combined with his knowledge of international markets was crucial for the transaction’s success and particularly obvious when negotiating with the final international acquirers of our company. The team at Quinn M&A were available around the clock and would give an unrivalled amount of time to answer any of our questions and ensure we were at ease with the process regardless of the time of day.

John – Director – Security Services Company


After the success of our company’s cross-border transaction, I can’t speak highly enough of the team at Quinn M&A and Quinn Lawyers.Throughout the entire process the team’s highly transparent communication in keeping us up to date on all details made it an extremely easy process for all of the company’s shareholders. On top of this, the team’s innovative strategies regularly surprised us and gave us a great deal of confidence that we had a highly skilled team working for us, which was evident in the great final result. Ultimately, I can’t thank or recommend the team at Quinn’s enough for the success of our transaction.

Nick – Director – Engineering Services Company


I highly recommend the team at Quinn M&A and Quinn Lawyers for understanding and executing a complex international business sale like ours. From initial engagement the team’s at Quinn M&A and Quinn Lawyers honesty and realistic approach was greatly appreciated by all directors, and made the process far easier than we ever envisaged. Their expert advice in valuing our business, assisting with due diligence and giving tax advice was extremely thorough and took into account a number of factors that significantly enhanced the entire process.The team always ensured everything was as smooth as possible, not only for us selling our business but also for the acquirers, and should be commended on their thorough and timely communication.

Paul – Director – Professional Services Company


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the team at Quinn M&A for managing our recent company sale. I found the team of professionals who managed our sale from concept to completion to be extremely thorough and transparent in their approach from original presentation of scope of works, right through to sealing the deal. Their relentless and tenacious approach for myself and my fellow shareholders in attaining the best possible outcome for us, their clients, with what was an extremely difficult and complex sale based on the nature of the sale and the variety of personality challenges both from us, the vendors, and the buyers. Quinn M&A was commendable to say the least in ‘rolling with the punches’ so to speak, and keeping total focus on the best possible outcome. The team at Quinn M&A made themselves permanently available to us, their clients, all hours to advise movements through the course of the sale and was always at the ready to pacify us with our individual and group concerns and doubts along the journey to maintain focus and a steady path towards completion. My company also utilised the Legal Services of Quinn Group Lawyers in the drafting of several agreements including contracts of sale and post-sale agreements. Andrew Goddard from this department of the Quinn Group again we found to be relentless in pursuit of closing the deal with many 11th hour adjustments to ‘make it happen’ in working closely with Quinn M&A and their clients to seal the deal in stipulated tight timeframes. I strongly recommend Quinn M&A to any company or shareholders seeking a professional advisor to assist with sale or acquisition of their business. Building up a business and handing it over to such a professional in their field to attain the best possible outcome was both assuring and successful in achieving our needs and goals during a sensitive yet exciting process.

Christopher – Director – National Beverage Products and Services Company