Industry Expertise

When seeking out the services of a merger and acquisition advisor to assist you with a business sale, business acquisition or merger, it’s vital to find a professional who understands your industry. This is also important when engaging the services of a business, company or share valuer.

At Quinn M&A we have expertise in a range of industries that place us in a market-leading position to assist you with a business sale, business acquisition, merger or business valuation. Our industry expertise stretches across a broad range of industries, including but not limited to:

  • Road transport companies;
  • Professional service firms;
  • Food and beverage manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing businesses;
  • Security services companies;
  • Aged care facilities;
  • Medical businesses;
  • Accounting firms, and;
  • Law firms.

From our industry expertise, we have developed a number of expert guides to assist our clients navigate merger, acquisition and valuation matters across a range of specific industries. To download a complimentary copy of an expert guide relating to your industry visit our Free Resources Page.

At Quinn M&A, our transaction services team work hard to understand the unique qualities of our client’s businesses and companies, what makes our client’s businesses and companies unique in the industry in which they operate, and how our client’s businesses and companies can offer significant value to both competitors operating in our clients industry, but also to other potential acquirers and merger partners such as suppliers, customers and private equity. This approach starts with our excellent understanding of the industry in which our client operates in.

The valuation services team at Quinn M&A pride themselves on understanding the industries in which their clients operate. Key to a valuer’s ability to produce a reliable and defensible opinion of value is that valuer’s understanding of the industry in which the subject business or company operates in. We understand how important thorough industry knowledge is, and our valuation services team works hard to maintain a thorough understanding of current market trends and key industry success factors across a broad range of industries.

If you would like to speak to a merger and acquisition advisor who understands your industry, or if you need to engage the services of an expert business, company or share valuer who will understand your business and the market in which it operates, call Quinn M&A today on 1300 784 667 or submit an Express Enquiry to schedule a no obligation meeting with one of our Directors.