Medical Businesses

Medical businesses and medical practices are diverse and unique, hence, the sale, merger or valuation of medical businesses presents unique challenges.

In recent times, the medical industry as a whole in Australia has grown significantly in size with relation to revenue. There are over 70,000 separate businesses in Australia in the medical industry, spanning from medical product manufacturers to specialists to dentists and GP practices. In our experience, the approach to and considerations for the sale, merger or valuation of medical businesses vary greatly between different businesses within this broad industry, however, below we outline some of the key factors that impact on the sale, merger and valuation of medical businesses generally:

  • The growth prospects of the medical business;
  • The requirements for ongoing or major capital expenditure in the medical business;
  • Government funding available to the medical business, and;
  • The geographical location of the medical business.

Further to the above, we are conscious of the fact that many medical business transactions involve the sale, acquisition or valuation of partnership interests or minority shareholdings. With our combined knowledge of the medical industry and our expertise in valuing minority interests we are well placed to assist with such matters.

Expert Guide: Sale and Valuation of Medical Businesses

Based on our significant experience in working with the medical industry, Quinn M&A has developed an Expert Guide on the Sale and Valuation of Medical Businesses. This guide is an invaluable resource, allowing owners and shareholders of medical businesses to understand the current state of their industry, how medical businesses are valued and what factors need to be considered when selling or acquiring a medical business.

Instantly Download Your FREE Copy of Our Expert Guide on the Sale and Valuation of Medical Businesses.

Our Experience and Expertise

At Quinn M&A, we have significant experience in advising on the sale, merger, acquisition and valuation of medical businesses. Owners and shareholders of medical businesses can trust our expert team of Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, Valuers and Specialist Transaction Advisors to provide expert advice on every facet of their medical business transaction, including:

  • Valuing medical businesses and valuing medical practices;
  • Advice to assist with the merger or acquisition of medical businesses and medical practice;
  • Due diligence advice for medical business mergers, acquisitions or sales;
  • Full brokerage service for the sale of medical businesses and medical practices;
  • Specialist taxation advice, and;
  • Legal advice.

Free Consultation

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