Businesses and Companies

The valuation of a business or company is a complex undertaking, however, it is often required to assist business owners and company shareholders with planning for the future, resolving disputes and meeting requirements set by the Australian Taxation Office. 

The Difference Between a Business, Company and Shareholding Valuations 

Although the words ‘business’ and ‘company’ are often used interchangeably, there is actually a distinct difference between a business and a company when it comes to valuations. The value of a company is not necessarily the same as the value of the business carried on by that company. Further, the valuation of a parcel of shares in a company is normally different again. For clarity, we have developed a Fact Sheet for our clients discussing the Difference Between a Business, Company and Shareholding Valuations.

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Comprehensive Reference Guide: Business Valuations

To assist our clients, we have developed a Comprehensive Reference Guide to Business Valuations. This guide outlines in detail what a valuer should consider when valuing a business, who can value a business, industry-specific considerations that values should consider and valuation methodologies that can be applied when valuing a business. 

Instantly Download Your FREE Copy of Our Comprehensive Reference Guide to Business Valuations 

Our Experience and Expertise

At Quinn M&A we are experts at valuing businesses and companies. As Chartered Accountants, Registered Business Valuers and Certified Minority Interest Valuers we have specialist expertise in this area. 

We are capable of assisting clients with valuing businesses and companies for a range of different matters, including: 

  • Family law matters; 
  • Tax requirements; 
  • Insurance matters, and; 
  • Shareholder disputes. 

We are comfortable with attending as expert witnesses on behalf of our clients for business and company valuation matters. 

How We Charge

Pending the nature of valuation services required, we will either charge clients on a time taken basis (with an estimate of fees provided prior to commencement) or agree on a fixed fee prior to commencement.

Free Consultation

Clients and advisors who require our business, company or shareholding valuation services are encouraged to call us on 1300 784 667 to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our Directors.